Dear Juliet

Letters from the heart -

of love found and love lost,

love sought, and love remembered.

An exquisitely poetic collection of letters

from all around the globe

written simply to "DEAR JULIET"


The powerful and poetic documentary,

that brought letters to Juliet to the world, before Hollywood.

With a new accompanying doc coming soon:



"Dear Juliet, I am in despair, I have met an angel..." writes one star-crossed lover, of his love bound to another faith...

A blind student writes of friction with his father over his girlfriend - "I don't think that it is right for my father to say that she is not good enough - just because she is black".

A young Muslim Albanian from New York writes of the aftermath of fear after September 11...

Another young boy writes of his love for Disneyland.

An Australian farmer writes to Juliet asking for help in finding the 'one and only' -

"P.S. Please send rain"

A journalist writes of forbidden love - after falling in love at first sight with a poor girl he was photographing eating from the garbage;

"I saw her face in one of the photos. Her big black eyes were shining. She had clothes that were all in pieces and dirty. I knew that I had found the girl of my life".

Others write of love found then lost;

"I saw my Juliet one night. Shining bright, a beauty, I glimpsed that night. I held her tight as I could but slowly she slipped away into the dark..."

Or simply the search for a kindred soul -

"I am a 17 year old who just wants to be loved. I have never been in love before and have prayed for so long that a young woman with charm in her eyes and love in her heart finds me. Do you understand this feeling I am writing of?"

Or lament the lack of romance and compassion in the world today ;

"there are still a few gallant young men in the world today, and a precious few they are. What happened to the gentlemen of your time?"

Both men and women write of heart break -

"What can be said to a man who's Juliet has, after many years, rejected the love that he so freely gave to her ... ?"

All write with thanks to "Dear Juliet" -

"You guide lovers everywhere, young and old. You have shown us all how to love; therefore we love you. You are missed, but you will always be here in our hearts".


Special Valentines Day screening in Verona, presented by the City Council of Verona and Schermi D'Amore Film Festival



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Worldfest Houston
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