Freedom, interrupted



In fifteen seconds, your world can change.

'Operation Hot Winter', Israel March 2008:


A one minute film framing the fickle nature of freedom, interrupted on the sidelines of Gaza.

Two shots of life in fifteen seconds. A shot of freedom - and a shot of a life forever changed.

On February 29 2008 the Israel Defence Force entered Gaza, launching ‘Operation Hot Winter’ on the Palestinian territories after thousands of Qassam rockets had been launched by Hamas into nearby Sderot. By March 5, the Gaza operation was over, with 117 killed. But in Sderot the rockets continue.

Israel's 'red alert' siren lasts just fifteen seconds - the time of a rocket's launch in Gaza until impact in Israel.

This striking conceptual film experiments with form, turning documentary into both statement and abstract art.

Two shots of life in Israel at the beginning and end of one short week.

A shot of freedom, interrupted.


1 min short conceptual/ experimental documentary
Australian production, filmed in Israel


written/produced/filmed/edited by Wendy Dent