Kissed by a Crocodile

"Is Bali every woman's paradise -

or is it too good to be true? "

Love and sex in Bali - from genuine love relationships between western women and Balinese men, to gigolo affairs and the 'crocodile' Mafia of Kuta's infamous nightclub district (scene of the October 2002 terrorist bombings).

An entertaining travel tale of a young Australian film-maker unmasking Bali's biggest taboo, skilfully interwined with a frank account from Indonesians and expats on how western tourism is changing the face of Bali and the traditional family culture of the Balinese.

Kissed By A Crocodile strikes a bold and edgy guerilla film-making style, belying evocative images of the beauty of Bali which seduces all who seek paradise on its shores. At times shocking, at times hilarious, this documentary delivers a non-stop roller coaster of emotions that never ceases to surprise.

In the light of the recent terrorist attacks in Bali, with more than 200 people dead (including 88 Australians) in the bombing of Kuta's Sari Club, it also presents a new account of Bali - and its fragile relationshiop with the West - unexplored by international current affairs coverage, and a side of Bali rarely seen by the millions of Australians and other tourists who flock to Indonesia's favourite holiday isle.

With the world's attention now sharply focused on Bali, an explicit examination of this complex phenomenon of Bali boy- western girl relationships has never been more relevant - and this documentary never more timely.


Kissed By A Crocodile is truly an independent film in every sense of the word; independently written, filmed, financed, directed, edited and distributed by Wendy Dent.

Intertwined with the film-makers' narrative are interviews with numerous local Balinese boys and 4 westerners living and working in Bali;

Asri; an Australian who married into the Balinese royal family, becoming a Balinese princess, and owner-manager of the 5 star Ibah Luxury Villas in Ubud.

Deidre; an American hand-crafts manufacturer, running an export business from Bali.

Dawn; an American author and University lecturer in Cultural Studies, now working in Ubud and 2nd wife to a Javanese resident in Bali.

Symon; an outspoken American artist and long-time BalI resident with a permanen texhibition in Ubud.

Narrated by Wendy Dent

Also featuring music and art by local Balinese artists


GOLD AWARD Winner Best Film/Video Entertainment;


& featured in;

PALM BEACH International Film Festival 2003 (USA)


DAHLONEGA International film festival 2003 (USA)

International Panorama of Thessaloniki 2003 (GREECE)

CALGARY International Film Festival 2003 (CANADA)

BAHAMAS World Film Festival 2003 (BAHAMAS)

JIHLAVA International Documentary Film Festival Industry Program 2003 (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Festival du CINEMA DE BRUXELLES (Brussels, Belgium) 2003

European Film Market BERLINALE 2003 (GERMANY)

Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival Film-market 2004 (GREECE)

Zimbabwe International Film Festival (Harare, ZIMBABWE) 2004

San Diego International Film Festival (USA) 2004

Carlsbad International Film Festival (California, USA) 2004

Turks & Caicos International Film Festival (WEST INDIES), 2004


DV 58 mins Stereo sound (70 min 'Director's Cut' version also available) Screening; DV or Beta SP

English language, English subtitles (difficult accents only).

Australian production, filmed in Bali Indonesia

(c) Wendy Dent