No News From Harare

August 5;

CNN Anchor Isha Sesay will be interviewing WENDY DENT about Robert Mugabe and the Zimbabwe elections on CNN International today at 3:40pm EST, and will present a clip from 'No News From Harare'

July 29;

The World Policy Institute and IndieWire (a leading film news site) have published Wendy Dent's account of filming covertly in Harare Zimbabwe;


A cutting edge account of political persecution in the guise of democracy.

"A story about courage" (Harvard University faculty)
"Phenomenal" (Columbia University)

Filmed in Zimbabwe, and presented at special event screenings and discussions at Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, University of Southern California, Villanova, IUP and Macquarie universities with Wendy Dent as guest-speaker/ guest-lecturer, 'No News From Harare' is a timely study of the denial of civil rights, freedom of the media and freedom of expression in Zimbabwe, now even more pertinent as Harare faces the aftermath of its 2013 Elections.

Featuring interviews with opposition leaders and human rights lawyers, and spiced with razor sharp political comedy which satirises the unspeakable, No News From Harare presents a portrait of Zimbabwe which Mugabe would prefer remains unseen.

SPECIAL SCREENINGS with Director WENDY DENT as guest speaker:

7pm March 12, University of Southern California (USC)
Ray Stark Theatre 108, George Lucas Building, School of Cinematic Arts

Film screening and discussion with Wendy Dent, Ron Osborn (Bannerman Fellow, USC School of International Relations) and SCA Professors Mark Harris and Dr. Michael Renov (Vice Dean of Academic Affairs)

Co-presented by USC School of Cinematic Arts, USC Law's International Human Rights Clinic, the School of International Relations and School of Politics

Tuesday March 26, 2013
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
- Three screenings to IUP World News courses plus a public screening.
Further information: African Studies, IUP

A cutting edge account of Mugabe's Zimbabwe: Political persecution in the guise of democracy

"It was cruel. Extremely cruel".

One year on from the land evictions that left over 700,000 locals homeless, there is no news from Harare. The international media has been silenced and the opposition parties infiltrated and divided.

But the political persecution of the Zimbabwean people continues and a leading activist for constitutional change matter-of-factly states "the hostility against us increases every day".

As the threat of rioting rises, the censorship of free speech is driven to its extreme.

'No News From Harare' delivers a cutting edge account of the current political climate in Zimbabwe, as reported solely from those who have the courage to speak out.

Spiced with razor-sharp political comedy which satirises the unspeakable, and featuring exclusive interviews with NCA leader Dr Lovemore Madhuku, rare footage of the Operation Murambatsvina land evictions and real accounts by the lawyers representing its victims, 'No News From Harare' presents a chilling portrayal of Zimbabwe which Mugabe would prefer remains unseen.

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RadioVop Zimbabwe reported in January 2011 that Dr Lovemore Madhuku, a leading critic against the Mugabe regime profiled in 'No News From Harare', was arrested yet again. But those reports pale in comparison to this chilling report about an assassination attempt on Dr Madhuku in December. Mugabe's thugs made murder by fire their trademark in the run up to the 2008 election. Dr Madhuku's house was doused in petrol while he and his family lay sleeping:

In the run up to Zimbabwe's March 16 constitutional referendum, Dr Lovemore Madhuki has again been in the news, as he has taken the government to court about the upcoming referendum date.