"Thank You. For imaging the amazing, intimate, diverse reflection of the human spirit .... remarkable.

Your website images, taken as a group statement, fascinate me. I trained as an art photographer, some years ago, and photographic imaging remains a directive passion in my life.

Within your films, your images, is sincerity, passion, insight and wisdom ... I admire your vision and your ability to express it. I'll be watching for more of your work and I'll encourage others to. "




"I had been meaning to write and tell you again how much I enjoyed the film. For someone who'd never been there before, you really gave an accurate insight into the lifestyles of those Ipanema girls. You also captured the beach culture there in a serious yet humorous way, something not all filmakers and writers can do. Great music too! "

ANDREW DRAFFEN, Lonely Planet Brazil author


Dear Wendy,

thank you very much for allowing (us) to (use) your pictures; in this particular case the beautiful ones of Venice masks. I have a drawing-club for children in Holland, and since 3 years we make a different drawing every week (without running out of subjects so far...) - Venicean masks seemed a very good topic, and since the children need examples I search the Net, store, print and use them for the kids. In a week or two these masks will be our subject; so if you're curious about the results, have a look by then at

I am convinced that your pictures will be amongst the favourite examples! Thanks again, also from the kids ( 35, from age 7-15)

Liesbeth Vastrick (NETHERLANDS)


" We, from Rygy, loved the DVD with the bikini documentary! Regina is flattered and very thankful for this opportunity. The images compilation is wonderful and the personalites chosen were extremely interesting.
Thanks for this tribute to Rio!'

RENATA on behalf of REGINA ARAGAO (designer, Rygy bikinis, Rio de Janeiro) BRASIL


Hi Wendy,

Just a quick note to tell you that your film is undoubtedly the best documentary I've ever seen. More than that, simply as a film it was greatly entertaining. You cared about the 'characters' and their lives. The depth and pace of the dialogue and the cinematography really gave you a feeling for what Rio is really like. As promised you covered both the 'good and the bad' and that made it all the more genuine. Too many similar things one might see nowadays do such fast cuts from scene to scene interspersed with little 'sound bites' that one never gets a sense of place. I could go on and on but I hope that I was able to adequately convey my feelings in these few words. I wish you a Happy New Year and continued success. Dan "



..."I remember you from Palm Beach Film Festival. You have a great bunch of films. Keep up the good work" 'SPIRIT BEAR' in Florida USA

(re Kissed By A Crocodile)

"One thing I like about your film is its poetry and beauty"



"Can't wait to see your film! Your web site is fantastic and your films look exotic and intriguing. The colors are bold and exciting - wonderful job! " KELLI C, Texas USA

"I went to your wonderful website the other day (a mini Rio vacation)... Best wishes on your world premieres"


"Dear Wendy,

I just wanted to let you know that we really had a most enjoyable time seeing GIRLS FROM IPANEMA and meeting you as well! Thank you for spending the time with us and sharing your experiences, we are kindly grateful and appreciate it. Your film captured the spirit of the Brasilian "karaoke". My interest with Brasil first started after I met a girl and her friends who were on holidays in Sydney for the 2000 Olympics, they were from Rio and San Paolo. These Brasilians had this infectious passion to party and enjoy each moment after moment, as your film captures and explored so well.

It was also interesting in your film to see in stark contrast the reality of poverty, drugs, hardship and different classes of society co-existing/living together in Brasil today. I must say, it always appears as a pleasant surprise to see almost in contradiction to hardship and poverty how people in those circumstances find their ways for happiness. Keep up your good works! Your preview to, sorry about this but, I think it was called "Where is my Romeo?" or was it "Where is my Juliet?" has stirred up my interest... We enjoyed your fabulous enthusiasm, passion and your sense of adventure."


HARRY & PERRY (Sydney Australia)

(re Girls From Ipanema Sydney screening)

"I really enjoyed the film on Sunday night, as did my dad. Great job! I spent a few months in brazil earlier this year, and ever since i've been fascinated with the place. There's something enchanting about it, and I think your film captured that feeling. It really took me back, and I've been daydreaming since! ... Anyway, I look forward to hearing from or of you again. once again, nice work. "

(WILL, Sydney Australia)


Hello Wendy,
My name is Daniel and I happen to run across your website while home on leave and just wanted to say WOW, what an awesome time you have had! I am in the Marine Corps and travel a lot and you took some really good photos! Definately an inspiration for me to start documenting my travels! Anyway, just wanted to say that and hope your aspirations come true!
(DANIEL T, Semper Fi )


Hi Wendy,
thank you for sending me this. ,now, you want two find out some info about me. i am going to make a list ok. name kyela. last name Hadley. age 8. birth date 12th of march . address Perth. Australia
yes i did go on your website and i read all of your comments. the reason i wanted to talk to you is that when i saw your pitchers i thought that they looked interesting.ok. next time i will send you a pitcher of me.

dear Wendy, my name is kyela and i just read your story from when you went to lots of places i loved it bye .... (KYELA, Perth Australi)

(EMAIL #2 after Wendy Dent's reply);


Hi Wendy,
thank you for sending me this. ,now, you want two find out some info about me. i am going to make a list ok. name kyela. last name Hadley. age 8. birth date 12th of march . address Perth. Australia. yes i did go on your website and i read all of your comments. the reason i wanted to talk to you is that when i saw your pitchers i thought that they looked interesting.ok. next time i will send you a pitcher of me.

(KYELA, Perth Australia)


Dear Wendy,
we have been frequently asked about your debut movie ' KISSED BY A CROCODILE' - may we know, where we can have a look at it for review, as we maybe like to include it in our upcoming section about movies about Ubud.

Kind regards, Made Community services

(UBUD Community Services, BALI Indonesia)


I just spent an hour or so looking at your website.....which is rare unless the interest is high.... I am also a photographer that very rarely misses carnival in Venice...... But....what really caught my attention, was your coverage and film done in Rio..... Our interests seem to be very parallel.........the photography.......and I am also very passionate about Brazilian music.....boss nova, jazz, samba....etc. I even have a radio station on the is the quick link

Here you will find a continuous 12 hour loop of non repeated bossa nova and Brazilian music.
I would love to get to know you.....find out about your project in Rio.....maybe see it?????
Do you have any chat programs???? MSN, Yahoo or ICQ? Well........I have given you a little insight as to why I spent soooooo much time at your sight...

Hope to hear from you soon
Jeannie Black "bossa2nova"

Hi, it was a pleasure to travel through your web site, thanks...sorry my english is really poor !:)

Bye, Nicolas (FRANCE)


Wendy, my name is PRINCE WILL, I was going through your site in international film festival in bahamas. I like the way you dress pls can you tell me more about yourself, were are you from and what you do for a living. Wendy, are you an actress? pls tell me the names of your films let me go get them in the market, i will love to watch them. Pls take good care of yourself for me, Hoping to hear from you soonest.



Fantastic web site, just fell on it by chance when looking at pictures of the pisa tower. Kept me and Will entertained for 1/2 hour looking at places you have been, now we are inspired to go....

Many Thanks.

John & William Allen


Dear Wendy
Well I am just so impressed with your talent. You should be very proud of what you are doing. Its joyful and entertaining and interesting and important... Cant ask for more than that!!! Congratulations. Your love of life and desire to experience it all is inspirational....

Best wishes...
Morri Young (AUSTRALIA)

(re Kissed By A Crocodile):


Hey! saw your film the other day, i really liked it, so did my friends. so thanks for everything and keep up the good work! I'm goin back to bali in february with your film in mind...

(From Johanna, Sweden)



Im Azhar from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Im an
entertainment journalist at Kuala Lumpur. Just now i go to your website. Congratulation to your work. Im very respect you.

(from Azham, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia)


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