Cecil the Lion documentary crowdfunder:
GOAL: $10,000- to cover minimum investigative research, filming & editing costs (time and travel) to finish the final cut

Stretch goals:
$20,000 additional editing, sound mix
$30,000 archive footage
$40,000 festival submissions paid for
$50,000 additional filming
$100,000 Further deep investigative research into terrorism financing


Pledge $1 or more: good karma! Thank you

Pledge $5 or more: Give this amount and you'll be able to follow along with our progress. PLUS, we'll shout your name in joy when we finish the edit! Let us know if you hear the echo. :)
We’ll add you to our digital mailing list, providing you with updates on what’s happening with the film and the latest news.

Pledge $25 or more: You’ll receive all of the above PLUS thanks on facebook and twitter, and digital access to the film*, timed with the film’s digital release, in 2016.

Pledge $50 or more:
screen credit!

Pledge $75 or more:

Pledge $100 or more:
In additional to all of the above rewards, backers will receive a SILVER SCREEN CREDIT

Pledge $250 or more:
Of course, you’ll also get all the above. Also included at this level – GOLD SCREEN CREDIT and a special signed letter from the filmmaker as soon as the film is released

Pledge $500 or more:

In addition to all of the above, you’ll get a PLATINUM SCREEN CREDIT

Pledge $1,000 or more:

Donate at this level and you get all of the above plus a thirty minute Skype session with the director.

Pledge $5,000 or more

PREMIERE & MEETING: You get a lunch meeting with the director in LA and (invitation to premiere celebration *tbc) and your name as a sponsor on our website

Pledge $10,000
6 DEGREE ANGEL All of the above plus FULL SCREEN END-CREDIT with your name, as a 6 Degree angel

Risks and challenges:

This movie will be finished. It will be released as direct video on demand online, on Vimeo or With the stretch goal hit, it WILL BE SUBMITTED TO FESTIVALS. The challenge is getting it selected. That’s where the more the funding, the more we can market it and get attention for this important movie.
The obstacle to getting this film entered into major festivals is just not having the financial support to cover all the costs and complete the final ‘lock off’ to get this important film out to the world. The story is there, the sources are there, and your help will give the extra push needed to get this movie released.