Return of the Prodigal

(13 mins Super 16mm )

An estranged son returns home only to find his father can't remember who he is. A poignant observation of a family's love, regret, miscommunication and reunion. Based on a short work by famous British psychologist R.D. Laing.

Adapted, produced , directed and edited by Wendy Dent

Cinematography by Joel Peterson; Original score by Amanda Brown


La Noirceur (Colour Black)
(12 mins)

A journey into a world merely coloured by emotions. Surreal and poetic... the subtle story of a blind man's loss & then rediscovery of light.

(French language, english subtitles)

Written, produced, filmed, directed & edited by Wendy Dent

Featuring Mirra Todd


Silent Night
(18 mins)

(featured in 'Matinaze', a curated exhibition of experimental film at Sydney's Art Gallery of NSW, 1997)

A stalker follows a girl home on Christmas night... The silent night gets even stranger when police and neighbours intervene. A bizarre & moody drama, where images and emotions move from colour to black and white.

Written, produced, co-filmed, co-directed and co-edited by Wendy Dent



(4 mins)

An experimental docu-drama exploring the phenomenon of 'schizophony'; the experience of hearing voices 'from beyond'

Written, produced, directed, edited and featuring Wendy Dent

Love Me Tender

(4 mins 16mm)

A bitter-sweet comedy about love-hate relationships, juxtaposed perfectly by Elvis' classic serenade. A passionate kiss on the doorstep turns terribly wrong, as a couple's tender love ignites into a fiery fued.

Produced, directed and edited by Wendy Dent

Cinematography by Anthony Gosling


Car Park Cowboys
(11 mins)

"It was the Summer of 97... Temperatures were rising and tempers were fraying. A cavalcade of parking cops had already made countless ordinary citizens feel like public enemies. Sooner or later something, or someone, had to give.... "

It's high noon in Western Sydney, as an urban cowboy and a mean faced cop face a showdown over a parking meter.

Written, produced, directed & edited by Wendy Dent.

Cinematography by Anthony Gosling


Not The Maltese Falcon
(4 mins)

A re-make of the opening scene of The Maltese Falcon, playing homage to the film noir genre while parodying it with a cool modern style. The hapless detective meets the ultimate femme fatale -as part of a weekly TV series.

A UTS Film school course project: to produce a remake of the Maltese Falcon minute film, filming on 16mm with an all-student crew - and a limit of just 100 feet (4 minutes) of film

Written, produced, directed and edited by Wendy Dent


(4 mins)

"'I first met 'Sassy' through an ad in the personals. She seduced me in just six words - have you ever tasted wild strawberries?..."

A voyeuristic playboy spies on his former date... as she teases him playfully with her striptease in reverse.

Written, produced, filmed, directed & edited by Wendy Dent.

Featuring Voice over by Robbie McGregor