experimental drama

Return of the Prodigal

(13 mins Super 16mm )

An estranged son returns home only to find his father can't remember who he is. A poignant observation of a family's love, regret, miscommunication and reunion. Based on a short work by famous British psychologist R.D. Laing.

Adapted, produced , directed and edited by Wendy Dent

Cinematography by Joel Peterson; Original score by Amanda Brown


La Noirceur (Colour Black)
(12 mins)

A journey into a world merely coloured by emotions. Surreal and poetic... the subtle story of a blind man's loss & then rediscovery of light.

(French language, english subtitles)

Written, produced, filmed, directed & edited by Wendy Dent

Featuring Mirra Todd


Silent Night
(18 mins)

(featured in 'Matinaze', a curated exhibition of experimental film at Sydney's Art Gallery of NSW, 1997)

A stalker follows a girl home on Christmas night... The silent night gets even stranger when police and neighbours intervene. A bizarre & moody drama, where images and emotions move from colour to black and white.

Written, produced, co-filmed, co-directed and co-edited by Wendy Dent



(4 mins)

An experimental docu-drama exploring the phenomenon of 'schizophony'; the experience of hearing voices 'from beyond'

Written, produced, directed, edited and featuring Wendy Dent